Global construction spending expands rapidly year-over-year, but the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry continues to face daunting challenges. AEC teams are expected to improve sustainability of the built environment, integrate a vast and disconnected supply chain and reduce project risk.

New collaboration models and industrialized construction practices are gaining traction as they prove to increase efficiency and profitability for all project stakeholders.

Addressing the business challenges of the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industry

AEC is undergoing a complete transformation. BIM and VDC hace fundamentally changed design, fabrication, construction and operations. Future Testing methods are drastically reducing risk and generating innovative solutions. Here’s how to survive and thrive in the industrialized construction area.


Modernize Craftsmanship

Modern techonology tools and digitizing knowledge is revolutionizing the art and science of building by allowing architecture, engineering and construction professionals to gain precision and control


Create Collectively

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables all AEC project stakeholders to access real-time information and facilitates a seamless exchange of knowledge across stakehodlers


Maximize Project Outcomes

The archicture, engineering and construction industry needs to change the game, companies need to use advanced technology and a new approach for maximizing project outcomes.


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