ENOVIA – Collaborative innovation

Increasingly, the concept of innovation goes hand-in-hand with collaboration between international teams, which work with information on an international scale in a clear, reliable and coherent environment.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform Dassault Systemes, ENOVIA allows innovators to make the most of the advantages of collaboration. The ENOVIA solution is easy to acquire and use. Furthermore, it is fast and robust enough to manage all types of data, including confidential data and data that are fundamental to the operation of the business.

Best Practices ENOVIA

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Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, ENOVIA allows innovators to make the most of the advantages of collaboration.

Cadtech is Solutions Partner of ENOVIA:



ACQUIRE PRODUCTS WITHOUT DELAYS product-planning-programs-enovia-540x355

Imagine that your business has 20 simultaneous projects, 1500 engineers and 150 suppliers. At the same time, engineers unveil 5,000 new pieces a year. With ENOVIA product planning and programme management solutions, clients can organise even the most complex processes in an accurate manner.

The product planning and programme management of ENOVIA offers “invisible control” that enables the user to identify possible problems and risks before they manifest themselves in full. With invisible control, the user can promote project updates with final delivery status.

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ELIMINATE PROTOTYPES AND ERRORS FROM THE LIST OF MATERIALS global-product-development-enovia-540x355

In this new era of manufacturing, it is no surprise that news of the launch of your product will reach consumers from around the world in an instant. However, if the new product is not immediately available everywhere, consumers will soon switch to other alternatives. Long gone are the days when a company could first launch a product in the developed market and later launch it in underdeveloped countries. Well-executed international launches are quickly becoming a commercial imperative in order to achieve a much higher return on investment.

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