Great deeds continue to be the characteristic seal of the aerospace and defence industry, a pioneer in airline and space travel.

The same spirit shapes modern challenges, which include ensuring the operation of the project and attracting new generations of experts, seeking out new markets and dealing with new competitors. The key of innovation lies in assuming these challenges in a scalable, sustainable and profitable manner.

Dassault Systèmes has its origins in the aerospace and defence industry and has been the precursor to numerous innovations that have transformed the work of engineers, designers and experts. Our role consists of providing these professionals with the technology required to define, communicate, collaborate and predict the production of designs in order to optimise them even before they build them. By focussing on performance, the industry has been able to face the challenges of the past.

To face the challenges of the future, a different focus – one based on interaction between professionals – is required. The 3DEXPERIENCE solutions of Dassault Systèmes designed exclusively for the aerospace and defence industry eliminate the barriers that have traditionally existed between teams, departments, partners, suppliers, clients and society, facilitating collaboration to create better and truly innovative products.