Sustainable energy, zero accidents, smart supplies and demand, 100% conformity, operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the capitalisation of knowledge: these are the values that consumers and manufacturers must embrace in order to be active participants in a more sustainable world.

Companies in the global energy sector must face constant pressure and meet demand that is growing at an exponential rate. Furthermore, they are required to submit to increasingly strict health, safety and environmental regulations. New installations must be commissioned promptly and in a profitable manner, while infrastructure that is obsolete must be modernised and updated with minimal disruption to service.

Based on the cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionised businesses in the aerospace and automotive sectors, Dassault Systèmes incorporates the best digital technologies in its 3DEXPERIENCE solutions in order to face the main challenges of the energy industry and processes. We offer the best solutions for all types of user, from engineering/supply/construction businesses to power plants, including suppliers of materials and services.