Car manufacturers and their supply chains work in global markets that are notable for regulation that is in a state of constant flux and a demanding customer base. All parts of the sector must be able to offer cutting-edge, aesthetic innovations while controlling costs and doing all they can to develop fault-free processes.

Consumers want attractive vehicles that are easy to use and guarantee total safety and maximum comfort. There has been a fundamental shift in consumers’ purchasing behaviour: they make decisions in a social and emotional context that goes beyond technology and aesthetic, economic and behavioural characteristics. The new era in the transport and mobility sector will also cover social experiences related to vehicles and mobility. This fundamental evolution requires a systemic approach.

The Dassault Systèmes solutions for the transport and mobility industry favour this evolution, which is being implemented by some world leaders. From a number of decades, our renowned applications have been used to develop immersion design and manufacturing. Now, their scope is being extended and 3D universes are being used to develop new social experiences based on mobility.