Cadtech will advise you on the most suitable hardware and software, providing the optimal solution for the work environment of your business. It will also guide you with its high-value services, which are focused on the productive use of design and production tools.


Cadtech audits the current knowledge and practices of employees in their business in the use of CAD systems using questionnaires and interviews. Following the subsequent analysis, it proposes a plan for improvement if it is considered necessary.

Cadtech advances and provides the most straightforward, direct and effective method for using the CAD systems adapted to its design processes.

We offer

Collaboration in the analysis of processes relating to the world of technical engineering and product design, in order to provide you with a full option for the process to follow.

PLM platforms

This service specialises in the integration of PLM platforms, as well as in all engineering optimisation processes and cross-departmental activities. ROI, profit and management indicator study.

Through other companies in the group, we also offer courses and consultancy services on configuration management.