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TraceParts is much more than a mere library of components.

+100 million components from the main manufacturers’ catalogues. TraceParts is a resource that is essential to mechanical design in the tool sector, de the special machinery sector, aeronautics and the automobile sector: screws, ball bearings, trees and shafts and couplings, springs, engines, gear boxes, jacks, clamps, positioning elements, profiles, linear bearings, mould components, etc., with thousands of related data sheets.

CAD integration:

Start up TraceParts directly from your CAD software CAD and the component selected is automatically inserted in its assembly as a native 3D file, with all of its nomenclature attributes (name, reference, manufacturer, standard, mass, etc.).



it has a number of search engines and 2D/3D viewers with which to rapidly access data: the correct component is inserted on the first attempt.


PDM/ERP integration:

TraceParts has a standard interface with SolidWorks PDMWorks and Autodesk Vault and Productstream. Other PDM and ERP connections, such as Smarteam, are also available as optional modules.



TraceParts Professional allows the user to connect the components base to an external data source and, in doing so, associate the personalised attributes (internal references, price, status, etc.) taken from a PDM or ERP system to standard data taken from manufacturer catalogues. The components base can also be administered so that users cannot use specific catalogues or references. TraceParts Professional also includes the exclusive “Manage your own components” function, which allows the user to add their CAD models to the TraceParts interface (available for CATIA V5, SolidWorks and Solid Edge).



An exclusive maintenance contract allows you to download the new catalogues of components and updates. Click here to find out about the various benefits of the TraceParts DVD maintenance contract. ** (el enlace no funciona)


TraceParts contains more than 100 million CAD maps sourced from the main components manufacturers, which include:

3M, A.C.C.&S. Advantech, Alex, Ameca, Asco Numatics, Assfalg, Assmann, Atlanta, Atlas Copco, Automation Direct, AVIT, AVO, Béné Inox, Binder, Blickle, Bosch Rexroth, Boutet, Burster, C2G Soudage Innovation, CCB, Cepex, CGI, Chambrelan, Clippard, La Clusienne/Clufix, Codipro, Contrinex, Coval, CSR, Decril, DE-STA-CO, Dirak, Drumag, Elan, Elitec, Emile Maurin, Enerpac, Enomax, Euchner, Expert, Facom, FCI, Fibox, Finder, Finsterle, FIP, Fischer Connectors, France Linéaire Industrie, Ganter, Genustech, Georg Fischer, GGB, GHV, Girard Transmissions, GMT, Halder, HEB, Hervieu, HP Systems, Hydropa, IFM, Igus, INA/FAG, Inocon, Item, ITV, Jakob, Joyner, Kabelschlepp, Kinetic, Kremp, KV, Legrand, L’Etoile, Lemo, Lin Engineering, Maxon Motor, Mayr, Mecalectro, Michaud Chailly, MP Filtri, Nadella, Nilos Ring, Norelem, Normydro, Nozag, Omron, Parker Legris, Phoenix Contact, Pinet, Preci-Dip, Progressus, Quiri, Rabourdin, Richco, Ritz, Rodriguez, Rohde, Rotarex, Rötelmann, RS Components, Rud, Sapelem, Schmalz, Schmersal, Schneider Electric, Schweizer, Seeger Orbis, Sermax, SFA, Sherex, Siam Ringspann, SIT, Smac, SNR, Socafluid, Somex, Stauffenberg, Ströter, Stüwe, Suhner, Sumer, TAT, TEA, Techné, Tecmeca Pacquet, Telemecanique, Thoptec, TME, Trelleborg, Vishay, Vogel, Wasi, Wefapress, Winkel, Zimm, …


Native CAD formatsUnlimited compatibility:

Data created with TraceParts produce models with multiple compatibilities that can be incorporated into most CAD systems available in the world. For more than 10 years, TraceParts has worked in direct collaboration with the main publishers of CAD programs. This approach guarantees compatibility with the latest versions of these programs, as well as closer relationships with their marketing and R+D departments.

As a result, TraceParts is the first (and, to date, the only) CATIA CAA V5 Software Partner of Dassault Systèmes in the area of component libraries (for more information about this cooperation, visit

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