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Bring Innovative Ideas to Market Faster

In a time of rapidly changing consumer trends, packaging suppliers face the challenges of efficiently delivering fresh designs in shorter and shorter timeframes. To differentiate their value propositions in a market of ‘perceived commodity’, packaging suppliers must drive innovation based on consumer insights and make their entire operation more efficient.

What used to take days now only takes an hour.


Reduce Raw Materials Costs and Drive Sustainability

Reducir los costes de materias primas y fomentar la sostenibilidad es un reto complejo para los proveedores de packaging del sector de los bienes de consumo envasados y la industria minorista. El equilibro entre la estabilidad del producto, reducción de costes y sostenibilidad puede diferenciar a un proveedor de packaging del resto, en un sector muy competitivo. Con unas potentes herramientas de simulación, la cantidad de material y mezcla concreta de componentes se puede optimizar para asegurar un producto que responda a las expectativas.

Si los nuevos diseños de packaging se pueden simular antes de hacer ninguna muestra, las iteraciones de diseño de las botellas y las preformas se pueden realizar más rápidamente y con un menor coste, agilizando la cadena de diseño al completo y permitiendo una comercialización más ágil.

Sumit Mukherjee

Director, CAE & Simulation, Plastic Technologies Inc.



Managing Production Complexity and Shorter Lead Times

Driving lean production initiatives is imperative to managing production complexity and shorter lead times. Packaging suppliers need to respond quickly to clients that want their packaging quickly and delivering on-time is critical. To put it simply, packaging suppliers can’t afford to make manufacturing mistakes. Understanding that a particular packaging can be manufactured properly before implementing test runs, can save cycles and reduce time to delivery.

It’s developing the right package for their brand for their consumer, that’s efficient and automatable on a global scale.


Increased Competition Among CPG Industry Design Agencies

With increased competition among CPG industry design agencies, packaging suppliers are challenged to find new ways of differentiating themselves. Some packaging suppliers are looking to enhance service offerings in a couple of key areas. One such area is offering project management services. Another area is expanding the portfolio of technology services. This can translate into ‘unburdening’ a CPG company of managing the day to day activity of a packaging project. It may also result in a packaging supplier offering to show packaging designs in the context of a 3D virtual planogram.


Looking to reduce plastic? AMCOR uses simulation to drive sustainability

Learn how leading companies are creating more sustainable packaging. Global leader AMCOR is able to reduce plastic through ‘lightweighting’ designs and leveraging simulation tools to identify potential failure points.

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