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Accelerate engine programs to meet record demand while cutting costs.

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Navigating the Aerospace Landscape

Learn more about sustainable future flight with reduced emissions and increased efficiency thru advances in engine and systems technology.


Power by the Hour for Propulsion

Power-by-the-hour service agreements provide propulsion companies with a lucrative method to generate long-term revenue. These companies can leverage sensors to take advantage of the internet of things, advanced analytics, intelligent spare parts management and predictive maintenance to drive down costs and improve airline uptime.


Cleaner Skies With Advanced Propulsion

The number of airplanes projected to be flying in the next ten years is set to double. Aerospace and Defense companies need cleaner aircraft to meet greenhouse emissions targets. Propulsion companies are developing more efficient propulsion engines and systems using cleaner fuels and lighter components. Using advanced manufacturing technology such as carbon fiber composites and additive manufacturing, allows companies to reduce the complexity of assemblies to delivering with greater efficiency and improved quality. These new technologies have the potential to reduce emissions from fuel by as much as 70 percent.


Ramping up Engine Production Rates

Manufacturers of both rocket and aircraft engines must ramp up production rates to meet record backlog from commercial and defense orders. Propulsion companies need to leverage new manufacturing technologies to achieve the manufacturing agility needed to meet the challenge of expanding engine portfolios and rigorous OEM demands for on-time delivery to specification.