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Productivity with WorkXplore

WorkXplore is known for having a powerful combination of complete functions, high global functionality and incredible speed. It has been developed specifically to facilitate collaboration and to bring about spectacular increases in productivity and efficiency at all stages of product development, such as design, process development, manufacture, quality, sales and communications with clients, purchases, documentation on products and other stages.

WorkXplore is an essential tool for the corporate work of the business.
The program is very easy to use, and is designed so that users who are not expert in CAD can explore any type of 2D/3D CAD file.

What you can achieve with WorkXplore

WorkXplore allows the user to carry out all types of measurements on 3D pieces and offers advanced characteristics that allow the user to calculate areas.

2D designs are no longer required, since one can add dimensional and geometric measurements, notes and labels to the 3D model directly.

WorkXplore also allows the user to communicate files on 3D pieces and on sets with subcontractors, clients and colleagues using a very compact, independent application that can be easily sent via the internet. The recipient can immediately display the 3D model received and work with it.

WorkXplore is extremely fast opening and processing large (and even very large) 3D files.

The program has a wide variety of tools with which to streamline and optimise the analysis of 3D models, which range from the comparison of 3D models to relatively simple or complex animations and views that have been broken down.

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