After-sales service

A preferential service for the resolution of incidents in solutions supplied.

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Technical assistance service hotline

The maintenance contract hotline guarantees you preferential care and service for the resolution of incidents in solutions supplied by CT Solutions Group in order to achieve the optimal use and profitability of the same, preventing users from wasting their time.

We have a number of contract modalities:

Telephone hotline:

This service provides telephone and remote assistance. Via the remote control of teams from our technical department, we can resolve many problems on the spot, saving time in the workplace and eliminating waiting and travel time and with a guarantee of total security for the information of the business.

Integrated hotline:

In addition to telephone support and remote assistance, it includes on-site assistance for interventions in which a product and/or systems technician is required to travel to the premises of the client.


The installation, configuration and updating of solutions offered by the CT Solutions Group.

IT projects:

Advanced installations, virtualisation projects, backup copy systems projects, contingency plans, data migration.

IT outsourcing:

The solution for companies that need to recruit technicians from outside to their IT department.